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Mileage Allowance


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Plot my drive

What does the web service do?

The web service makes it simple to create custom reports and documentation for billing, reimbursements and tax purposes. It gives you access to all relevant information regarding you and/or drivers and vehicles in your team.

Can I use Plot my drive to get reimbursements?

Yes. Plot my drive is an ideal solution if you want to keep track of and document business driving. Plot my drive tracks all your driving, makes it easy to separate private and work related driving and helps you produce documentation in seconds.

Can I use Plot my drive if i drive a company car?

Yes. Plot my drive automatically tracks all your driving, makes it easy to separate between private and business trips and helps you get all the documentation you need for taxes, billing or reimbursements in seconds.

Can I use Plot my drive for a company or team with several drivers and vehicles?

Yes. Plot my drive gives you all the control and documentation you need while saving you both time and frustration. Plot my drive helps all drivers in your organization by automatically tracking their movements. This improves accuracy spares them from having to document their driving manually. Plot my drive also gives you a full overview of all drivers and vehicles in your organization, and makes it both quick and easy to produce the reports you need for tax reporting, billing or reimbursements.

Trial period

Is there a free trial period?

Yes, everyone who downloads Plot my drive and creates an account gets a 30 day free trial. The trial period starts when you have completed your personal account.

Does the free trial only apply to me?

If a company solution is chosen the free trial will apply to all drivers you invite to your team. Set up your account and invite drivers – when they have accepted your invitation and set up their own accounts they will be able to test Plot my drive for the remainder of the trial period.


What does Plot my drive cost?

Plot my drive is a subscription service that costs kr. 99,- per driver per month. For company users the price will increase by kr. 99,- for each additional driver in your team.


Do I have to turn on and off tracking for each trip?

No. Plot my drive will run in the background and automatically track all your movements. It identifies which trips are by car, and you can easily classify trips as Private or Business. With intelligent automatic tracking you never need to worry about forgetting to turn on tracking.

Who can se my tracking information?

All tracking information and all information in your personal timeline is private. If you are part of a company solution, trips will only become visible to your employer after you classify them as Business. Unclassified trips, trips classified as Private and trips with other means of transport than a car will only be visible to you.

To learn more about how DEFA AS processes and uses anonymized data from Plot my drive, please consult our Privacy policy and Data processing agreement


What is PlotSync?

PlotSync is a Bluetooth beacon that acts as a unique vehicle ID. With PlotSync installed, Plot my drive will automatically recognize your vehicle. This saves you and your drivers from having to enter vehicle information manually for each trip. It also ensures that every trip is registered with the right vehicle and the right driver.

Do I need PlotSync to use Plot my drive?

No. Plot my drive works just fine without it. Use PlotSync if you want Plot my drive to recognize your vehicle(s) and register all relevant vehicle information for you. PlotSync saves you time and ensures that all trips are logged with the right vehicle and the right driver information.


How long does it take to cancel a subscription?

You can cancel your subscription by written notice to DEFA AS. The cancellation will take effect at the end of the then running subscription period (1 month). If your team consists of multiple subscribers, each subscription you wish to terminate must be specified individuall